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3 Ways to Improve Your Video Content

Los Angeles County – June 2016

By: Bob Bekian

Video content production seems to be everywhere with thousands of videos

posted daily on YouTube. If your Video is not raw content, and you are trying to achieve a decent production value, there are three very basic areas of focus that can help your Video production stand out .

  1. Tell a Story

It sounds simple, but people naturally engage with stories. Use the “Beginning, Middle & End” structure that sets the tone and introduces the idea, takes the viewer on a journey and then concludes with something. This is a very simplified version on the basic story structures for most movies and books. By developing some type of story structure, Your viewer will follow your content through to completion because they are sticking around to see what happens.

  1. Light it Up

Dark shadows on faces and poor lighting detract from your content and can turn people off. Basic lighting for video means that your subjects and environment are visible and help to tell your story through clearly understandable images. Proper lighting of your video does not have to be expensive. If you do not have access to production lights, there are several industrial LED’s which can help light your project. When shooting outside, reflect the sun with “bounce cards” which are large white foam board pieces which can be positioned to light your subject perfectly if used properly.

  1. Capture good Sound

Poor sound quality is often impossible to fix in post production. If dialogue or other sound is being recorded, choose a place that is quiet and use proper equipment to record a good audio track. Use headphones to listen to the recording while shooting and don’t settle for a poor track. You will appreciate this discipline later in post production when you are focusing on editing and you know you have a clean sound track.

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