Reducing Time and Production Costs by Using a Full-Service Production Company

As the need for video content increases, the production process is taking place everywhere. From highly-financed professional productions to low-budget user generated content, Video has become the proven method to tell stories in a cluttered online world.

The typical method for producing a video has been to create the project using multiple resources such as equipment and people. The process can be time-consuming and expensive because there are often several levels of availability of people such as Photographers, Editors and Sound Technicians and the coordination of all of the other details of a “shoot”.

Creative aspects aside, the process for organizing a video project includes the location logistics, crew booking, equipment assembly (which often includes renting). Then there are all of the other details including casting, post production, file management and Post Production. Of course then you need to manage wardrobe, make-up and hair, catering and craft services and parking.

As our friends in Production know these are just some of the tasks that need to be organized and finalized before one frame of video is produced.

Companies like, have developed a turn-key production service that handles all of these details for one price. Agencies and Clients are finding that they have more time to develop their creative and make final decisions on casting by using Companies like Spotburner.

By partnering with technology-driven studios like, Production Companies like Spotburner can combine the best people with the best technologies such as high-speed fiber which give clients the ability to live stream HD content in real time anywhere in the world.

Video Content is essential for any business or product that wants visibility. By partnering with a full-service Video Production Company like Spotburner, clients can reduce the hassle and cost of the production process and focus on their creative vision.