The Mind Is Our Most Powerful Tool

We can use it to create a positive or negative reality for ourselves. We can also exercise it by reading and learning or numb it with drugs and alcohol. We can train our mind to be a victor or a victim. I want you to be a victor. Thoughts are real and our mind is what controls our thoughts.

I want to help you and challenge you to keep your thoughts oriented in a Positive Mindset. This is a conscious decision that we can all make by focusing on accepting failure and persevering through adversity.

I was always told I was smart. I was labeled “gifted” early-on as a kid and school was always easy but I did not apply myself the way I should have. I focused on fun and thrills rather than academics. But I did read. I read a lot. I read everything I could which helped me fill my mind with knowledge.

I also learned a lot about life. I leaned about relationships, career building and how to raise a family. But I hit a very low point in my life when I almost lost everything due to a negative and weak mindset. I was blaming others for things that went wrong and making choices that were detrimental to my health. I was hanging around the wrong people who were also in a negative orientation and were complaining and not appreciating the good things in their lives.

Then there was a turning point when I hit rock bottom. But the light of positivity turned on when I decided to flip on the switch and turn my life around. I realized that with determination and faith, we can change our mindset and curb adversity. With perseverance we can reverse our losing direction and start winning again.

I developed rituals and habits that led to my comeback. I grew strong again mentally and have never looked back. Now I am the strongest mentally that I have ever been. My relationships are solid, my businesses are doing better than ever and I am happier than I have ever been. I want to help you train your mind for greatness. To be able to take failure in stride and recover from adversity. I will share with you the rituals and habits.

That turned my life around.

I believe in YOU.

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